The Goodly King

In an age Long past There was a Goodly King who did Goodly Deeds. He was beloved by all his people and the Kingdom prospered under his rule like none before him.

But his reign was threatened. Destined to be cut short by an illness which took hold of him quickly and without mercy. The medicines of doctors had no effect and the magic of healers did not stop his pain. Death was fast approaching.

Then Alura, Goddess of Light, looked down and saw how his people wept for him and knew that he had touched them all with his Goodly ways. She left the Alabaster City and took the guise of a kindly old woman. She walked from house to house, taking the stories of the king and his deeds for the people back with her to the Empyrean Court.

When the gods heard of the Goodly King and his deeds they knew another like him would never again be born. In flash of light they entered is chamber and circled the bed where The Goodly King lay dying. The Goodly King’s eyes opened for the first time in days seeing the gods circled around him. Alura stepped forward and said

“We have Healed you oh Goodly King and set you with a task. We have given you Eternal life so that we may watch you for a time to see what your true mettle is. Should you prove that you are truly a divine soul at heart you shall join us in the city of Alabaster”

And so our Goodly King was saved.

But Anu’Ram, Lord of the Twisting Depths, Was angered by the gods gift to mortal men. Using a Dark Magic and the blood of thousands of the twisted beings who reside with him he opened ways into the plane of man. The Evil Beings flooded over the world faster than we could defend and one by one our cities fell.

The Goodly King donned his armor and rallied the armies of Man. The Tide was slowed but the dark magic of Anu’Ram was Strong and slowly the cities were taken. The Goodly King Called to the gods for aid

“I have done all I can Alura! We need your help lest we will surely parish!”

Alura heard the Goodly Kings call and against the wishes of the Court sent down a beam of light Into the city of Ardrinur This Light crystallized into a pillar of the Goddesses Strength and radiated out among the people of Ardrinur. This pillar formed a wall of light from the hope of those strong enough to stand for Humanity.

This was the last blessing before the gods went silent.

Once every Decade the light from Alura shines among a select chosen among us as a sign of our hope that one day we of the last bastion will defeat the invaders of our world and once again cover its surface and our Goodly King will take his place in the Empyrean Court to safeguard his people for all of Time.

The Goodly King

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