The World of Avendal Lies in Ruin. An invasion of otherworldly beings over a thousand years ago. All but the City of Bastion has been rendered a wasteland by the terrible onslaught. The Immortal King Ardrin Windsor, with the help of the Goddess Alara, placed a Barrier of Divine power, Kept in place by the ever changing Seven Sages, around the city to protect its people from the coming hordes. Now the City and its occupants are strained to the breaking point, the land has become less and less bountiful over the many years and the Ritual of the Divining has strained many of the peoples faith. The Efficacy of the Barrier and the Charismatic nature of the Immortal king is all that keeps the people from revolting against the Divining or, as it is known among the people, the Seven Sacrifices.

The Seven Sacrifices